Lawton Transformational Playbook

Without the right playbook, transformation is just a dream

Like a professional football team’s playbook, an organization that is committed to continuous improvement (CI) needs a visual game plan that gets and keeps everyone pulling in the same direction. ...
Molten Monday 2

Molten Monday!

Happy Molten Monday! Pattern-Making Capabilities Precision CNC foam, wood, and urethane patterns up to 150” square Full solid modeling and metal-flow simulation services
Lawton Remarkable

Porque alguien debes trabajar por C.A. Lawton Company?

Jesús tienes 14 años trabajando por C.A. Lawton Company, él nos explica porque alguien disfrutaría de trabajar allí.
Lawton Who Report

Who do I report to?

By Carley Becker A common question job applicants ask is, “Who will I report to if I work in the foundry?” The answer is, you will report to a working ...
19 Lawton Safety 1200x628

Lawton demonstrates safety commitment with company-wide event

Many manufacturing firms pay lip service to safety. Tool box talks, posters and periodic training sessions seem to be boring and disconnected from employees’ day-to-day work. Safety training becomes a ...
Molten Monday 1

Molten Monday!

Calco has supported the North American paper industry for more than a century. We’ve built a legacy as both a leading manufacturer of machine components – such as gears, pulleys, ...

ISO 9001:2015: The never-ending quality journey at C.A. Lawton

By Steve Perks When you make a commitment to LEAN and organizational excellence, your work is never “done.” To satisfy customer needs, the C.A. Lawton team must continually improve our ...
Molten Monday

Molten Monday

Happy Molten Monday! For large casting and machined component suppliers, superior performance within a market is achieved when capabilities match customer requirements and they are aligned with business strategy and ...
Lawton Remarkable

What would CA Lawton’s first employees say if they saw the company today, 135+ years later?

Far back Friday? What would CA Lawton employees from 135+ years ago say if they saw us today? Dawn, a Customer Service Rep who has been with the C.A. Lawton ...
Lawton Remarkable

Remarkable people and one-on-one meetings

By: Lori Goemans I was recently having a conversation with a family member about “business-ey” type stuff.  In the course of the conversation, I mentioned that supervisors are expected to ...
Raise Quality Bar

Lawton raises the quality bar high with ISO 9001:2015

By Randy Nemetz In most industries, quality has never mattered more. Our customers are raising the bar on specifications and quality expectations. To satisfy their needs, we must continually improve ...
Molten Monday 2

Molten Monday!

Complete Casting Solution On-Time, Every-Time! A Long History of Near-Perfect On-Time Delivery Dedicated Customer Advocates Providing Unbeatable Service Unparalleled Quality and Workmanship Full Service Technical and Project Management Team ISO ...
Lawton Remarkable

What makes the C.A. Lawton Company different?

When asked why someone should work here and what makes C.A. Lawton different, Customer Service Rep, Dawn says it's because the people care.
Lawton Relationships

How engineering relationships lead to better casting project outcomes

By Brandon Leatherberry, Engineering Manager “Are you kidding me? There’s no way to make that!” If you’re in the business of making something, you’ve been on one side of this ...
Molten Monday 1

Molten Monday!

Castability: The ability to successfully make a casting from a customer’s design, using a hand-molded casting process that meets the customer’s requirements. Lawton frequently consults with our customers to design ...
LEAN Castings Culture

How a 139-year-old foundry is “LEAN-ing” into the future of castings

Several years ago, C.A. Lawton faced a significant challenge: Become dramatically more capable to meet customers’ rising expectations for quality and speed, or begin a slow slide into irrelevance. Its ...
Molten Monday

Molten Monday!

Today equipment manufacturers are challenged with competing in a global marketplace. As industry has globalized, companies face increased pressure to reduce costs. We partner with them to continuously improve – ...
Ca Lawton Remarkable People 1

New Employee, Maintenance Planner/Scheduler Shares his View of the Future

Allow us to introduce you to Freddy Weidner, Maintenance Planner/Scheduler at the C.A. Lawton Co. Freddy has only been with C.A. Lawton for a couple of weeks so we asked ...

Everything you always wanted to know about casting… but were afraid to ask

Casting is a complex art and science that dates back several thousand years. So it’s not surprising that it has its own world of specialized terminology that’s quite foreign to ...
Lawton United Way Best In Show Best Team

United Way Award! Best in Show/Best Team

Best in Show/Best Team is given a company that thinks outside of the box to try to reach their goals. They exemplify creativity and innovation throughout all aspects starting with ...
Executive Edge

Executive Edge Winners Announced!

Prevea Health, in partnership with Western Racquet & Fitness Club, sponsored their first ever team edition of Executive Edge.  Fifteen Green Bay area teams participated in the wellness challenge to ...