Barry Adamski - COO
President, Lean Expert

Barry Adamski

As the President of The C.A. Lawton Co., I’m a problem solver. I’m responsible for ensuring that our pattern, casting and machining operations run safely, smoothly and productively. I’m focused on the big three basics of business: taking care of our employees, taking care of our customers and ensuring that Lawton is profitable. I’m firm but fair.

I was hired to bring continuous improvement and Lean to the company. Many people said Lean couldn’t be done in a high-mix, low-volume manufacturing firm like a foundry. But we’re proof that it CAN be done. We’ve succeeded by selectively adapting the principles that make sense for our environment. We’re in the midst of a business transformation that is revolutionizing our internal processes and our external customer relationships.

At Lawton, we love helping each person grow. We challenge them to achieve their full potential, so they can enjoy a better future. I love turning on people’s minds to what’s possible. When you inspire them, they can achieve what others say is impossible. Our remarkable people, focused on the values of continuous improvement, innovation and community, are enabling us to achieve remarkable results. And the best is yet to come.