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By C.A. Lawton | May 27, 2022
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The Lawton Standard family is proud to have so many remarkable people who give back to their communities. This week, we are looking at the Wisconsin Humane Society and our most recent marketing intern, Olivia Rinehart.

The Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS) is the largest shelter in Wisconsin. They are a private non-profit organization that’s been around since 1879! For over 140 years, they’ve served the community by making a difference in animal lives and the humans who love them. The WHS values compassion, respect, positivity, and innovation. They have several locations across Wisconsin including Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine, Door, and Brown County.

Olivia Rinehart has been with The C.A. Lawton Co. since the beginning of 2022 and has been fostering for the WHS for six months. When an animal has traveled and visited so many places, it can be quite stressful being bombarded with so many unknown smells. As a foster parent for the WHS, your job is to step in and offer a clean stable environment and take care of the animal by giving them unconditional love and support. Any animal that comes into the humane society could be arriving with a traumatic past or pre-existing medical condition(s), so it’s important to approach them as gently as possible. At times, foster parents will be instructed to administer medications or even watch out for animal pregnancies. A majority of foster parents are granted permission to host the adoption process from beginning to end. Within the six months that Olivia has volunteered, she had the opportunity to facilitate six furry critter adoptions!

If you require specific animal services or something fun to fill the time, the Wisconsin Humane Society offers plenty of resources and programs for the general public.

–       Affordable spay/neuter services

–       Vaccine clinics

–       Pet food bank

–       Incoming stray animals

–       Animal-friendly housing list

–       Surrender & re-homing

–       Animal domestic violence

–       End of life services

–       Dog training

–       Youth programs

How can you help?

The WHS is always looking for new foster parents and donations.

To become a foster parent Click here

To donate Click here

To purchase items off their wish list Click here

And of course, if you’re searching for your next furry companion, check out their site Click here

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