Ron Baus - Director of Project Management
Director of Project Management

Ron Baus

As the Director of Project Management, Ron's primary focus is continuous improvement for the benefit of our customers. Ron acts as the voice of the customer, making sure that their needs are represented in decisions made. With you, Ron will participate in design reviews, negotiation of requirements, and cost improvement initiatives. He'll work with the Lawton team to improve processes and procedures. 

At the center of customer satisfaction is customer value. This is why VA/VE (value analysis and value engineering) is so important. Ron will meet with you to learn how the parts we produce are used in your products. By working to understand short- and long-term needs, we can identify opportunities for growth.

Ron says, "The most important thing to me is my family, and seeing my kids reach their goals. Though I give support and guidance, they do it all on their own. My team at Lawton is much the same. I offer information from the customer side, help to remove obstacles, and provide guidance on best practices, but my team is eager to make improvements, and it is because of their efforts and ideas that Lawton can deliver quality to its customers."