Alex Lawton

Alex W. Lawton

Alex, his family, and our organization have been manufacturing goods and providing services from the Green Bay, Wisconsin area since 1879. Alex's uncle, E.W. Arndt, began manufacturing a bran dressing machine (separating bran from flour) under the name Novelty Manufacturing Co. in De Pere, Wisconsin. During the industrial boom of the early 1880s, they expanded capabilities to include pattern making, an iron foundry, machining, and engineering design. This basic model of a machinery and machine component manufacturing company has been maintained ever since. While much has changed in manufacturing since our company began, family ownership and management have been a source of stability and consistent leadership.

Alex is the current CEO and the fifth-generation owner-manager. He says, "our company is still based on values of honesty, caring about employees and customers, continual improvement of products and processes, and business success. We work every day to make our customers’ experience easier. Everything we do stems from sound technical engineering foundations and makes long-term business sense. We are constantly working and investing to build new capabilities to combine them with the first-rate people and assets that exist throughout our organization."