The Lawton Difference: Customer Advocates

By C.A. Lawton | December 9, 2015


Lawton Difference


The C.A. Lawton Co. provides innovative product solutions within the industries of agriculture, HVAC, oil and gas, off highway, paper, gas turbine, wind, mining, and water. The company is primarily focused in taking responsibility for a crucial part of customers’ business by producing large, complex machined castings through integrated offerings, a culture of flexibility and urgency, a focus on quality and on-time delivery and dedicated Customer Advocates. In this second installment of our blog series highlighting the “Lawton Difference,” we’d like to educate our readers on Calco’s enhanced customer relationship management initiative.


Two years ago, Calco implemented comprehensive Customer Advocate roles with the objective of better handling the evolving needs of our clients. We’ve found that clients’ needs are rarely identical, and for a customer service program to be effective, it must be capable of offering precise communication and solutions.


A Calco Customer Advocate is the ‘single-point-of-contact’ for a customer. Their responsibilities include coordinating the quoting and order planning processes as well as providing each customer with a weekly status report of all their orders. Accounts are assigned so a client’s specific needs align with a specialist’s background.


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What makes Calco’s Customer Advocate program innovative?

Contrary to other foundry and machine shop customer service departments, Calco’s Customer Advocates have backgrounds in the technical side of the business. This previous, real-world experience allows them to better address all kinds of questions a customer may have. Additionally, our specialists report to operation rather than a sales department. It’s all part of the support standard you’ll find here that’s not commonly available in most industries.


How do businesses ultimately benefit from Calco’s Customer Advocate program?

Customer Advocates enhance Calco’s ability to recognize, understand, and fulfill customer needs. And due to their involvement in the operational side of the business, our specialists provide faster, more dynamic support. They are truly the voice of the customer within The C.A. Lawton Company.


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