The C.A. Lawton Co. to offer manufacturer direct plates, work holding, platens, and weld tables

By C.A. Lawton | January 8, 2016

After producing its own angle plates and work holding fixtures for more than a century, The C.A. Lawton Co., a De Pere, WI-based foundry, pattern, and heavy manufacturing machine shop, will now offer these highest-quality products through a Lawton-branded consumer product line being sold directly to machinists and fabricators. The new products will complement Lawton’s core offerings and will be sold through an electronic store.

Lawton’s integrated capabilities to provide a “total solution” lend well to the offering of its most recent branded line of industrial products that include:

Direct Angle Plates

  • New, first operation machined
  • Produced in cast iron, which outperforms steel and most efficiently dampens machining harmonics
  • Sold in pairs
  • Weight: 800# – 2,800# ea.
  • Double gussets
  • Value-added: machining and industrial gray paint
  • Lawton has historically produced the plates required in its own machine shop.

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*Products are usually in stock and ready for your last operation (application-specific) machining. Custom sizes/configurations to suit a business’ unique needs are provided upon request.

Welding Platens (in development)

  • These rectangular cast iron welding tables will tolerate heat and stress without warping, and welding splatter/snots won’t stick to the cast.
  • Weight: 800# – 2,100#
  • Value-added: basic machining, paint, and support legs/frames

Layout Tables (in development)

  • Lawton’s layout tables are identical to the company’s welding platens, except the surface has a series of tapped holes.
  • Value-added: basic machining, paint, and support legs/frames

Rendering/Soup Kettles/Slag Pots (in development)

  • The product will be sold as raw castings.
  • Value-added: heat treatment

Lawton has deep roots in the machining and heavy manufacturing industries and currently provides castings that are integrated into OEM products, including waterworks, HVAC, agriculture, and mining. We look forward to learning about your business’ unique requirements and meeting its needs. Bring us your toughest challenge, and we will work seamlessly with you to provide a custom solution. Our success depends on yours! Contact us today!

Ask us for a competitive quotation on your other casting requirements over 400#, as well!