A Conversation with Alex: Reflections on the state of the economy, the foundry industry, and the future of Lawton Standard

The last three years have been a wild roller coaster ride. From COVID-19 and supply chain issues to a roaring recovery and global uncertainty, it’s been one of the most challenging times in recent memory. But the challenges also contain seeds of opportunity. Despite the disruption, we’ve been making steady progress toward building a new…

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Interview: Roger Greenfield comes back home

Allow me to introduce you to Roger Greenfield. Roger has a long, successful career in the foundry industry. Few could compare.  He is currently the General Sales Manager at the Minster, Ohio facility of The C.A. Lawton Co. gray and ductile iron foundry. Outside of work, Roger enjoys hunting, gardening, and fruit trees. The beginning…

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Lawton tackles the future of technical talent

Lawton Future Talent

10,000 baby boomers are reaching retirement age every day in the U.S. They’ve invested decades in the companies they work for, and they are a wealth of knowledge and experience. Each day, they wave goodbye to the workforce, and their knowledge walks out the door with them. Meanwhile, we’re scrambling to figure out how to…

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