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The relationship between safety and sustainability

Our number one priority at The C.A. Lawton Co. is safety. When you focus on it as much as we do, you tend to notice how intertwined safety is with other important areas like sustainability. Noticing these connections is very beneficial because it allows Lawton to better integrate sustainability into our everyday work. We want…

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Lean and green at Lawton

At the core of both sustainability and Lean is the concept of waste reduction. Lean focuses on reducing process waste. Sustainability focuses on reducing environmental waste. By acknowledging the similarities between these two frameworks, we open new doors for how organizations can integrate both Lean and sustainability into the workplace.  In order to successfully employ…

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How “Green” is your company? (Environmental stewardship at Lawton)

Environmentally Conscious Feature Image

Many organizations pay lip service to the ideas of sustainability and stewardship of the environment. But The C.A. Lawton Co. takes it quite seriously – so much so that we integrate it into our strategic and economic objectives. When we plan for the future, we use an environmental management system, which enables us to measure…

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