Engineering at The C.A. Lawton Co.

A successful casting is the result of a close collaboration between the OEM design engineer and the foundry. Our cross-functional engineering and production team meets with the customer to discuss the part’s application, critical dimensions, and performance characteristics. The goal of this deep technical dialogue is to reduce the manufacturing cost of the casting, improve…

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How LEAN is making a foundry family possible

Author: R.J. Hawkins, Engineer Manager at the C.A. Lawton Co. Often kids are raised by a single parent. To the best of their abilities, the parent does all he or she can to assure their kids don’t see the struggles that are taking place.  I am an example of this because I was raised by…

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How to optimize the design of pattern tooling

Lawton Pattern Tooling

Designing a pattern can be quite a challenge, especially if you don’t have a well-defined process. At The C.A. Lawton Co., the design review process begins when the customer and the foundry’s casting engineer review the required casting shape. It consists of drawings or models of a casting-friendly pattern and one or more core boxes.…

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