Puerto Rican workers fit right in at Lawton

By C.A. Lawton | September 20, 2019

In a previous article, we talked about how we were bringing in 16 employees from Puerto Rico to help support our team here at The C.A. Lawton Co., and to help them support their families in the hurricane-ravaged country. This was made possible through an organization dedicated to connecting U.S. companies with workers from Puerto Rico.

Now that the group has settled in, we wanted to share an update on they’re doing and shed more light on this wonderful employment opportunity.

Recently at Lawton, we’ve been really focusing on improving our training. We have even implemented a new training program, which has played a huge role in the group’s successful transition into their roles in the foundry. We are also lucky enough to have other bilingual employees who can speak Spanish with the group, making them feel more at home. All of them are fitting in very well at Lawton.

We’ve also recently expanded the program, giving them opportunities to learn and work on the Mold Line, in Bench Core and in Main Core. Currently, four of our 16 employees have transitioned into these areas. There will be additional opportunities for more of them to move into these and other areas as the program continues to expand.

We really want to offer a complete experience with a lot of opportunity for learning about the entire foundry. Also, because some of them are considering continuing to work for Lawton after their eight-month contracts are over, we want to give them opportunities to explore other parts of our operations, to find where they feel they add the most value.

 During their time here so far, they have also become more familiar with the community. They have been to local sporting events, the Brown County Fair, which took place recently, and have enjoyed going to a local discothèque with each other or with friends they have made since they arrived. Some have also purchased bikes, and a few have purchased cars. They are finding ways to feel at home. We’re so glad that this program has been a success, and that they are making these connections and friends at Lawton.While they are settling in very well, many are looking forward to visiting home during Lawton’s Christmas shutdown and are starting to make plans to reconnect with their loved ones during the holiday. We are thankful that we can help them make a home away from home, and we are grateful for all of their hard work.