New hires at Lawton

By C.A. Lawton | September 18, 2020
new hires blog image

What happens after you are hired by Lawton and officially become part of our family? There are various steps to make sure new hires are welcomed and integrated with the company. 

To start, all employees attend the Day One, Hour One meeting with President Barry Adamski and their assigned supervisor.  In this meeting, new hires are shown the goals and expectations of the company.  Also, during this first week, new hires meet with CEO Alex Lawton as he introduces them to The C.A. Lawton Co.

The week two meeting focuses mainly on the training done for the foundry.  This meeting’s purpose is to see how the training went and if there is any need for improvement.  In just two weeks of foundry training, one can be out on the floor doing their job.

There is an additional six-week check-in meeting designed to get feedback from the new hires.  This is a chance for them to reflect on the work they have been doing and the time they have spent here at Lawton.  Lawton’s goal for the various meetings is to assure all of the new hires are comfortable with their work and feel part of the family.

How do we know The C.A. Lawton Co. is a family? The average tenure of our employees is over 13 years. If you’re curious about becoming part of our family, visit to learn more and view current opportunities.