Navigating College Through Corona

By C.A. Lawton | May 15, 2020
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I had finally received the dreaded email from St. Norbert College.  It stated that the rest of the semester was going to be online due to the Corona Virus outbreak.  In a matter of three days, I went from enjoying campus life to packing everything up and moving back home.  I was distraught.  My entire world was flipped upside down and my social aspect changed completely.  The routine life I had had turned unpredictable.  Not only would I be doing my classes online, but also my internship.  At this time, there was so much uncertainty about the future and what to do next that I felt overwhelmed.  My classmates and I were shocked; something like this had never happened to us before.

Although it seemed everyone’s life had flipped upside down, we had to adjust and remain flexible through all of the chaos.  Professors now post video lectures online while others create a live stream to replicate in class lectures.  Exams and assignments have been adjusted to be taken online as well.  I am lucky to be tech savvy and have knowledge of the technologies being used for this process.  It makes my transition more seamless.  For my internship, I have weekly calls with my supervisor and then I send a list of the jobs I accomplished that day.  Even though this situation is not ideal, everyone is doing the best they can with the events given.

To succeed in uncertain times, one has to be accommodating with the events that are happening.  I did not want to leave my friends and my college experience.  I did not want to remotely work from home and switch to online classes.  Looking back at it now, I really did take for granted seeing my co-workers everyday and talking between our cubicles.  I also did not appreciate the little things, such as having dinner with my friends. But despite all of the uncertainty, I know success can be found by remaining open to changes and supporting each other through this time. 


Sarah Sprout

I am currently a junior at St. Norbert College majoring in Communication Arts with a minor in Business Administration. I am a hardworking student with a strong interest in technology, social media, and public relations.