Lawton demonstrates safety commitment with company-wide event

By C.A. Lawton | June 12, 2018
19 Lawton Safety 1200x628

Many manufacturing firms pay lip service to safety.

Tool box talks, posters and periodic training sessions seem to be boring and disconnected from employees’ day-to-day work. Safety training becomes a check-the-box activity for management and employees, not something either group feels passionate about.

In contrast, at C.A. Lawton, we take safety very seriously.

It’s an integral part of our larger improvement and transformation goals. In fact, it’s so important that we shut down the entire company on June 8, 2018 so that all employees could participate in safety training. It was also an opportunity to invite employees’ families to celebrate the foundry’s many successes with us – including 758 days with no lost-time accidents.

This day-long event began with a companywide meeting, where company executives updated everyone on the foundry’s progress on its goals, including safety, quality, productivity, on-time delivery to customers and employee communication.

Employees then broke into groups and circulated to a series of training stations located throughout the Lawton campus. There, they learned about the new silica dust standard and received training updates on a variety of topics, from fire protection to personal protective equipment (PPE) and more.

In the afternoon, all employees and their families were treated to a traditional summer picnic, complete with steak sandwiches, chicken, hot dogs and much more.

“Our Lawton community matters deeply to us,” explains CEO Alex Lawton. “It was a perfect opportunity to show off our entire company to those we care about and to celebrate our successes as a family.”