Lawton & Penn-Mar Travel for Iron 101

The C.A. Lawton Co. and Penn-Mar sites teamed up to teach an Iron 101 class to one of their customers. Unlike the typical Iron 101s, this one has a twist.  Employees from both sites collaborated to teach their knowledge on metalcasting and foundries. The main focus of the Iron 101 was to showcase how Lawton and Penn-Mar’s capabilities complemented each other.

Due to the ongoing Pandemic, Lawton has not been able to host its normal Iron 101 sessions at their on-site facility. To fix this problem, both sites traveled to one of their main customers in hopes of sharing their knowledge as well as an insight into the world of casting. This was the first time Lawton had taken their Iron 101 session on the road and hosted it directly at one of their customers' sites.

The traveling Iron 101 proved to be successful when others commented how informative and knowledgeable the presenters were of the subject.  Additionally, the magma simulation capabilities also received a positive response from those attending. Others mentioned how they are excited about the additional technical capabilities of C.A. Lawton and how it will complement Penn-Mars’s ability.

Lawton and Penn-Mar employees were able to educate customers while respecting social distancing precautions. The C.A. Lawton Co. plans to host live versions at various Lawton facilities this year. If interested, please contact