Giving Back: Lawton employee volunteers to help disabled cats

By C.A. Lawton | April 15, 2022
Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary FB

One of the reasons our employees love being a part of Lawton is that we encourage them to find balance in their lives and to give back. One of our interns, Jordan, is especially passionate about ensuring all animals are treated humanely. She has volunteered with the shelter in the past and still continues to support the shelter by bringing in donations when she can and pointing people in the direction of the shelter when talk of adoption is in the air. 

Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 no-kill, cage-free cat sanctuary and rehabilitation center that rescues kitties with special needs. We are now able to accept a small number of dogs, too! Safe Haven accepts cases of abuse, neglect, FIV+, blindness, missing limbs, and other physical and psychological disabilities upon review of medical documentation. Safe Haven also accepts neonatal kittens, and senior cats.

Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary rescues 883 pets per year on average, with a lifesaving percentage of 99%. Animals in Safe Haven’s care are only euthanized under the circumstance that they are experiencing pain and suffering, and there are no other options available.

For more information on Safe Haven or if you have any questions, please visit: Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary | Green Bay, Wisconsin


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