From new hire to well-equipped foundry employee in two weeks

By C.A. Lawton | September 30, 2020
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Lawton is proud of the training program they have continuously improved to ensure new hires have all the skills and resources needed to be successful in the workplace. In just two weeks, new employees will be fully equipped to perform their new job on the floor of the foundry or in the machine shop. 

Our custom, in-house training program is an intensive two-week course that focuses on safety and quality. Our trainers, who have years of work experience, work closely with Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) and have taken courses to improve their teaching abilities. 

Half of the new hire training is done in the classroom but our new hires aren’t just learning casting history or theory. This custom training includes more hands-on practice and on-the-floor experience than Lawton has ever offered before! Trainees learn about ramming, molding, and pouring from instructors who have done the jobs themselves. New hires rave about “Foundry in a Box,” when they get to practice real foundry skills by making a casting on a smaller scale. 

The new hire training program includes multiple opportunities for Lawton to check the progress and comfort of entry-level employees. Each new hire is asked to give their feedback to help us continuously improve our training process. 

Here at Lawton, we do all we can to give new employees the chance to be successful in the workplace. If you’re curious why our employees say working here is like being a part of a family, visit our careers page.