EBI Lites as an Intern

By C.A. Lawton | April 24, 2020
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“What are these blue papers all over the walls?” was my initial thought when I walked through the entrance of C.A. Lawton.  As I continued through the building, there were more walls covered with these small papers.  I had never seen anything like this in other offices and buildings I had previously worked at. I was informed that these small blue papers were called EBI Lites, or employee based ideas.  EBI Lites are meant to make one’s job easier, safer, or better.  It also needs to take less than two hours to implement and cost less than fifty dollars.  Every employee participates in creating EBI Lites to assure they are all continuously improving.  

Initially, I was not very good at recognizing and coming up with these ideas.  I found it difficult to continuously discover new ways to improve my job.  I would sit at my desk, analyze my notes, and see what could use improvements.  I had this mindset until I had a meeting with my supervisor, Andy Mastalir.  He told me he had a similar problem and found that it was hard to find EBI Lites because it felt like he was just doing his job.  I related to this problem as well because it seemed odd to record the things you should already be doing.  With this new viewpoint,  it slowly became easier to recognize and create them.

EBI Lites have not only been helpful in the workplace, but also for school and my personal life. After doing them for four months now, I’ve started to recognize improvements in my own life that make everyday tasks quicker or easier to accomplish.   EBI Lites are a huge part of Lawton and the idea of continuously improving is a crucial aspect of the company.  With the mindset that one can always improve, it is easier to focus and change the little things which greatly impact one’s overall goal.


Sarah Sprout

I am currently a junior at St. Norbert College majoring in Communication Arts with a minor in Business Administration. I am a hardworking student with a strong interest in technology, social media, and public relations.