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By C.A. Lawton | May 22, 2020
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I know it’s going to be a good day when I walk into Lawton and there are various bags of cheese curds on the front desk.  Such a small and simple gesture can change the atmosphere of the workplace.  Every employee has this similar attitude which creates a family oriented environment. 

Lawton exemplifies this family culture by always thinking about their employees.  Before I had even begun my internship, I was invited to the Lawton Christmas party.  At this event, I was introduced to my new co-workers and was able to talk to them before officially starting.  Door prizes, Wii Bowling, and selfies filled the night with laughter and entertainment.  From that night, I was excited to be a part of the family at Lawton.

 No employee is forgotten when it comes to being recognized and appreciated at Lawton.  They provide holiday lunches, Christmas parties, monthly birthday celebrations, retirement cakes, and even more.  For company meetings, they also provide lunch for everyone while discussing new topics of the company.  During the holidays, all employees were given a coffee mug and card.

 I think I can speak for all employees when I say Lawton is very understanding and flexible.  As a college student, I have a very busy schedule that becomes difficult to balance.  Some days I am not able to make my scheduled hours or have exams to study for.  Lawton understands this and knows my education is very important.

These small gestures and Lawton’s understanding is what makes this tight knit family.  Everyone appreciates how Lawton truly takes care of their employees.  The great employees are what keeps the atmosphere at Lawton alive.   Without Lawton’s remarkable people, we would not have the remarkable results we do.


Sarah Sprout

I am currently a junior at St. Norbert College majoring in Communication Arts with a minor in Business Administration. I am a hardworking student with a strong interest in technology, social media, and public relations.

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