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By C.A. Lawton | March 27, 2020
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CP is a nonprofit organization that provides individualized and progressive programming to every infant, child, and adult – with and without permanent disabilities. In a previous blog, we reported on a volunteer project The C.A. Lawton Co. participated in for the benefit of CP.  As a follow-up, we invited CP to take a tour and learn about more what we do at Lawton.

In late November the CP Leadership Team accepted our invitation to tour Lawton and hear about its manufacturing processes and learn more about the culture of the company.  Jon Syndergaard, Executive Director of CP, commented on the visit.  “The CP team visits employers in the community to see what lessons we can take back to our company in an effort to pursue continuous improvement. In many cases, environments like Lawton’s are altogether different than ours which allows for both personal and professional growth. We enjoyed the presentation from both Dana and Alex outlining the company’s values and in particular, sharing the great work that has been done there in lean manufacturing. As we toured the plant, it is clear that the leaders there embrace those ideals and have a clear passion for their work. Thanks again for the opportunity to visit!”

As Jon noted, CP is a completely different environment than the manufacturing environment of Lawton.  However, the concept and benefits of continuous improvement are constant.  By learning how other organizations approach and implement LEAN concepts, we increase our own understanding of how to use those tools.  Additionally, learning more about our neighbors is an integral part of developing the community we share.  

The C.A. Lawton Co. plans to enhance this understanding by sending a delegation to tour CP to learn more about their continuous improvement process and what they do to serve the community. 

If your organization is interested in exchanging ideas on continuous improvement, please contact our marketing department (remarkable@calawton.com) for more information.

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