2-year marketing internship at the C.A. Lawton Co.

By C.A. Lawton | December 9, 2021
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This December marks the full two years I have been a marketing intern and assisted C.A. Lawton Co. with their social media presence. When I first interviewed, I was just a sophomore at St. Norbert College and had little knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes for a marketing department. Within months I had created press releases, promotional videos, brochures, radio ads, internal videos, seasonal posts, an identity guide, and even this year’s holiday card. In addition to this, I was active in weekly calls with other co-workers of the platform who were from various states.  I was also able to capture the intensity of the foundry through video and photography and then show that through our social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. The media calendar was also a priority as I adjusted blog posts and planned their release dates to match the relevance of current times. As one of the main people dedicated to Lawton’s marketing department, I was offered the freedom to create intriguing content and expand their already prevalent online social presence.

As my time of working with Lawton and my family of phenomenal co-workers has come to end, I am so thankful for the experience and opportunity they have all given me. This position has allowed me to gain experience and be exposed to marketing at the corporate level. I cannot put into words how much they have done for me as they taught me the fundamentals and basics of working in marketing and business. This December I am graduating from St. Norbert College with a degree in Communication and then will be attending Marquette University to receive my Master’s degree in Communication and Digital Media studies.