Lawton boasts strong showing at the Bellin Run

By C.A. Lawton | August 3, 2018
Lawton Bellin Run

Congratulations, runners and walkers! This year The C.A. Lawton Co. had 13 employees and 19 family members and friends finish the 2018 Bellin Run in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Bellin Run, a 10K held annually on the second Saturday in June, is one of the region’s premier sporting events and has grown to be one of the largest 10K races in the nation.

As a company, we participate in the Bellin Run Corporate Challenge each year. This enables our employees to compete in the race as individuals, with access to special perks like early registration, VIP delivery of runner credentials, and a team photo. The company also pays for employee registration fees if they cross the finish line.  This program also allows us to have some friendly competition with other local business as we compete as a company to meet participation goals.

This is a great event for seasoned runners or those who have never run before or walked long distances. Bellin Health offers training plans, injury hotlines, weekly motivational emails and access to staff experts to help participants on their journey to good health.

This is an event that many of our employees look forward to. We’ve got runners, walkers, joggers and a lot of supporters. This year, we noticed the camaraderie that the event brought to our company. Participants were frequently talking about how training was going, their nerves and excitement, and they were encouraging each other to make it to the finish line.

Now that the run is over, we encourage everyone to continue to train for other local runs and walks, and to begin thinking about how they will reach their wellness and fitness goals for 2018.

We look forward to the 2019 Bellin Run on June 8th!

2018 Bellin Run Finishers:

Adalberto Bautista

Carley Becker

Justin Bunker

Tim Chouinard

Jim Deprey

Katherine Jungwirth

Alex Lawton

Randall Lawton

Randy Nemetz

Bill Neubauer

Kilyn Puyleart

Chad Trepanier

Craig Vankauwenberg

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