Artist Zaccura features C.A. Lawton

By C.A. Lawton | February 17, 2023
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Zaccura (or ‘Zacky’ for short) is an incredibly talented illustrator, author, and YouTuber. She combines her many talents to create true artwork. Recently, she went through a creative block, as artists oftentimes do. This is when she decided to look back at some of her reference photos and use them as inspiration for her next series of sketches. “The tiny spark of inspiration had begun, and I decided to see if I could kindle it into a flame.” She said.

Among these photographs were photos of a fireplace, birds, lights, and even a man blowing leaves. She also happened to capture a photo of one of our gears, partially in the ground, being used as decoration.  

When talking about these pieces, Zaccura so brilliantly realizes something. “They’re just sketches, but they’re so much more than that at the same time. These are moments from my life. I was there when I shot these reference photos. I remember how I felt, I remember the weather, the sounds. It’s so easy to just forget these things, but somehow when you just sit down and you draw and you sketch, everything comes flooding back and it really makes you feel alive.” She expressed.

Something we see every day had been looked at from a new perspective by Zaccura. She looked at this gear and saw art. She appreciated all the hard work that went into making it, something not many people take the time to do.

Zaccura noticed our name embossed on the gear and due to her curious nature, she looked us up and found our Instagram. She looked through our profile and stumbled upon one particular photo of a man pouring metal. “My eyes immediately locked onto this picture. The contrast of light and dark, the white-hot molten metal, it looked like something straight out of a fantasy film… and that is when it happened. The little flame of inspiration exploded into a full-on fire. I found myself totally drawn in and absorbed in learning about metal casting, which is an art form and a skill that I never gave thought to before.” We were just as excited by this discovery as she was.

Zaccura truly is such a unique individual. She looks at the world with such curiosity and appreciates the things around her for what they are. She values the little things in life and takes inspiration from just about anything. This is a reminder to us to be more curious and thankful for the things around us. because what may just be a big old gear to one person, maybe a full-on fire of inspiration to another.

Please be sure to give Zaccura the attention she deserves. Follow her on social media and give her website a peek, she has a variety of very cool merchandise available for purchase!

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