Lawton employees celebrate an outstanding year

45 Feature Image Christmas Party

On December 22, Lawton employees celebrated an outstanding year of growth, accomplishment and and transformation at the company’s annual Christmas party.

In addition to the usual food, libations and fellowship, it was an opportunity to celebrate 16 employees who have given a total of 255 years of service to the company. The biggest milestone was Steve Skenandore, who was recognized for 40 years of service!

CEO Alex Lawton applauded every employee for their extra-mile efforts and sacrifices as the company transforms its operations into a world-class organization:

“It’s a special time of year and you’re a great group. Remarkable even. This probably sounds odd coming from an owner, but I wish we weren’t so damn busy. It’s chaotic and stressful and is cutting into personal time. That’s not what I want for us. However, it’s also temporary and should lead to a better organization, and in turn a better quality of life for everyone,” he said in his Christmas letter to Lawton employees.

“2018 was a good year for Calco. There were no major slowdowns, advancements occurred throughout our operations, and the company is growing. I wish the world better understood some of the outstanding things you are all a part of accomplishing. It is a privilege to know and work with all of you,” he added.