Celebrating 10 years with Green Tier program

By C.A. Lawton | October 18, 2023
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*Read the DNR’s announcement here.

The C.A. Lawton Co. began its Green Tier journey in 2013 when it joined Tier 1 of the program. The company leveraged its environmental management system to assess, mitigate, and plan for potential future events, such as fires, spills, natural disasters, power loss, and active threats to its business.  Lawton became certified to the ISO 14001:2015 standard with marked success and joined Tier 2 in 2021.

Lawton earns exclusive Green Tier Registration Permit

Lawton became the first Green Tier participant to receive coverage under the exclusive Green Tier Registration Permit, providing the company with added agility to modify operations in response to changes in customer demand.

Keeping e-waste out of the landfill

Lawton incorporated a company-funded annual employee e-waste recycling and document shredding event, resulting in almost 25 pounds of e-waste per employee being diverted from the landfill each year.

Keeping VOCs out of the atmosphere

Lawton converted a major customer from preparing iron castings for shipment with volatile organic compound-containing rust preventer to Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) packaging. VCI technology eliminates the need for rust prevention coating application, is environmentally friendly, and is recycled back to the manufacturer by the customer.

Lawton goes green and saves green

When Lawton embarked on a  foundry site clean-up project, obsolete metallic equipment and scrap iron castings were collected and sent to a scrap metal recycler for cash. This project generated over $40,000 in cash, plus improved the appearance and organization of the company’s outdoor space.  

Next level green

Lawton updated the method of ductile iron inoculation, causing operational savings on raw materials and energy. Benefits include improved indoor air quality, employee safety, and reduced particulate emissions.

We’re not done yet!

Lawton believes in the commitment to superior environmental performance. The company seeks to identify opportunities to engage employees and improve the local environment through its environmental management system and strong leadership support. We look forward to our continued partnership under Tier 2!